How Our Journey begins

The GoZomi ( story begins with an idea to help people around the world to make available of any stuff they need to use only once or twice or may be only for certain period of time but are too costly to buy. Until today, there wasn’t available any good place to find any stuff that you want to rent. We all need money for many different reasons and we need to save our money for future and cannot waste on buying a thing that you really don’t need forever.

Say for example you are going to a picnic and you have good camera but you left it by mistake at your relative’s house. So what you do? Do you prefer to rent a camera at low budget or to buy another camera for just the day you are going to picnic? Of course many people will prefer to rent a camera instead of buying it forever and return it after the use is finish. With this idea we planned to create an online rental solution. And finally we created GoZomi, a new web-based platform that brought visibility and trust to the people. GoZomi is a complete online rental marketplace where you can find all the stuff you need on rent. Anyone can rent and use, enjoy a quality product even if he/she is unable to effort it to buy. At GoZomi you can rent anything you want, use it and when you are done, you can return it.

A New Way of Rental Solution

GoZomi is a complete online rental management solution where you can rent just about anything everything. From all tools to equipments, to party supplies, electronics, house, car, bike, cycle, kitchen and household appliances, furniture, old or new, used and unused stuff etc. We believe, today, in this digital world, and technology should be at our fingertips and fulfill the purpose of the technology to make our life hassle free, easy by simplifying daily tasks. GoZomi makes the rental industry to a user friendly online marketplace and also make minimum cost accessible platform for the consumers.

If you’ve got stuff of your own then GoZomi is a great place to make a little extra money by renting out that stuff to trustworthy people. And best of all, you get to choose who you rent your stuff out to, and you can see how trustworthy somebody is using GoZomi’s built in trust system.

What You Get

GoZomi can help you to earn some extra money from your unused stuff. GoZomi collects different rental information and tries to bring the entire rental products to one platform making it easily available for both users. What you need to do is that make a list of all your unused stuff or any other thing that you want to give in rent. Take a clear picture of all the stuff and post all at GoZomi. Do not forget to give beautiful descriptions of the each item and reasonable rent price. Mention how you would like to rent your stuff whether daily, weekly or monthly basis and the condition of the rental item whether new or old. Now you can sit and relax. GoZomi will work for you and as soon as anybody chooses your stuff, GoZomi will inform you either via e mail or phone call. This will help you to add an extra income to your daily budget.

Our Vision

We are working hard to provide the best possible service and quality rental products to our users.

Contact Us

We always welcome you to provide us your valuable suggestions and feedbacks. Do not forget to share your ideas, options. Write to us at e mail address : [email protected]