Return And Refund Policy

Before we begin GoZomi thanks all users for using GoZomi platform. GoZomi do cares about its users and tries to make all possible ways to create a hassle free environment of refunds and returns.

Dissatisfaction happens very rarely, but if arises any event of dissatisfaction while purchasing any rental product, do not worry we’re here to help. 


You can enjoy your rental product and return it to the seller when rent period is over or when you agree to discontinue using it. You have 2 (two) ​calendar days to return a rental product from the date your rent period is ended.

If the renter fails to return the rental product to the owner of the rental product in agreed time, an additional fee of ₹200 per day will be charged to the renter. Seller may impose additional charges to the renter as per agreement between them if there is any. Renter is fully responsible to pay the late fee to the Seller within 30 days from the end of rental period without any delay failing which may be considered as harassing the rental product owner and necessary disciplinary action may be taken under government laws  against the renter.

While returning the product it should be returned with proper packaging. In case of any damage, the products will undergo further inspection to ascertain the damage cost. This damage cost will then be charged via your debit card / credit card or by the seller in cash.


After payment for the rental product, a renter can fix a meeting with the rental product owner (seller) to inspect the quality and condition of the rental product. If the renter is not satisfied with the quality and condition of the rental product then the renter can cancel the product at anytime.

To cancel a rental product renter should login to his/her account then, go to “My Order” page where renter can select the rental product to cancel and cancel the product.

After clicking on cancellation button, a refund form appears on the screen. Renter should fill his/her Bank account details and submit. This cancellation can be done only when the rental product is not approved by the renter. However, once the rental product is approved and confirmed, the cancellation of rental product is locked and is not possible any more.

After cancellation is approved within a certain period of time, depending on card issuer’s/respective bank policy, the renter is refunded the amount, after deduction of bank charges, payment gateway charges, processing fees or any other applicable charges, towards his/her bank account’s details as given by the renter or initiated the refund towards his/ her credit/debit card. The time for refund may take 5 to 21 days excluding holidays. However, certain Govt. bank may some more time.

GoZomi do not charge any cancellation amount but bank / payment gateway charges are applicable if there is any.

On returning rental product, once the rental product is received by the seller, seller should inspect it and notify us that whether they have received the returned item. Similarly after returning the rental item, renter should notify us about the return.


Gozomi do not provide any shipping facilities nor liable to provide any such services. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Renters and Sellers mutually agree to bear all the expenses related to the shipping and delivery.

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